Christ Church, Geelong - Archival Records

Access to the Christ Church Archives

The parish Archives are manages by a small Parish Committee made up of the Vicar (Incumbent), the Parish Archivist, and two Vestry (Parish Management Committee) representatives.


The Archival records were until 2008 used on an ad hoc basis, principally to assist enquirers researching family information, and occasionally for students undertaking archival or historical research. There has been increasing interest in and enquiries about the records, since the mid 1990s, in the main from people outside the Parish, and living all around Australia and occasionally from overseas.


At present, in addition to an average of 5 or 6 telephone enquiries each week, there are an average of at least three formal enquiries per week, entailing searching, locating, transcribing and copying the requisite records. Formal enquiries and the searching etc. that result are handled by the Parish Archivist. In some instances these enquiries require several hours of research, particularly where the enquirer has limited detail of the involvement of their ancestor in the Parish or wider Geelong community. Some enquirers seek not just formal confirmation of, for example, the marriage details of an ancestor, but also details of their involvement in the life of the parish and the wider Geelong community. The poor state of indexing and incomplete records mean that searching is more difficult, and on occasions information is not able to be located even where the enquirer has documentary evidence (from another source) indicating that there had been some involvement with Christ Church. Enquirers should note that a charge is made for Archival searching and photocopying of any records or other documents located as a result.


Enquiries regarding the Parish Archives, or to arrange for a search of records to be made, should be directed to the Parish Archivist care of the Parish Office ... see Contact Us via link to the left or above