... Baptisms,weddings and funerals at Christ Church

We welcome the Baptism of both infants and adults, and the many couples who choose to celebrate their Wedding at Christ Church. For many families, Christ Church is the place they choose to celebrate the life of a loved one through a Funeral or memorial service.

Since its foundation in the 1840s Christ Church has been the setting for many, many weddings, baptisms and funerals, and for worship for the Geelong Anglican community. Christ Church holds Archival Records of baptisms, marriages and funerals since its early years.



We welcome the Baptism of infants and adults at Christ Church. One of the delights here is that people who marry at Christ Church often bring their children back for Baptism. The Baptism of a child is an important day in the life of any family, and at Christ Church we take that seriously too.

Parents are encouraged to appreciate the spiritual aspects of baptism and the responsibility parents have towards the faith development of their child. Our Parish clergy introduce families to the Baptism Service so that they are best able to choose the service that is right for them - either having the Baptism included in one of our main services, or as a separate service [for example, on a Saturday morning], and sometimes with another family baptism. Of course Baptism is not just for children.... adult enquirers are helped to make their own faith decision too.

Following Baptism, even if worshipping elsewhere, there are opportunities to return to Christ Church for special celebrations - and to show us how much your special son or daughter has grown!!  Two services at which families (parents, grandparents, godparents and children, of course) are especially welcome are the Christingle Service held early in Advent (late November or early December each year) and the Children's Christmas Eve Service.... but, of course, you are welcome to return and to continue to worship with us at any time.

Weddings at Christ Church

(You can listen to the Christ Church organ played by the late Gary Cowling, a former Parish organist, by clicking here)

Many couples choose Christ Church for their wedding service, attracted by the beautiful setting, the famous church and word of mouth recommendations from their friends.

Our Vicar and clergy take special care in preparing couples for marriage. We work through the service together and explain and plan with care to enhance understanding as well as offering low-key, non-threatening counselling and encouragement.

Each wedding service is seen as a sacrament and an opportunity to express the Faith of the Bride and Groom, and of their guests, as the couple makes a public committment to each other. Each couple is encouraged to establish a relationship with Christ Church, particularly for those who are living in or plan to settle in the Geelong region, but wherever thay may be living they are always welcome at Christ Church.

Arrangements for marriage services are made with the Vicar ... see Contact Us link. The Church appreciates early discussion of proposed wedding dates, as on some weekends there may be other special events, so coordination is essential!

The Christ Church main door (facing Moorabool Street to the west) has three steps to enter, but there is full wheelchair access via the South porch (facing the McKillop Street side of the church) where there is a full access ramp. Similarly the Parish Hall has a full access ramp allowing access to the Hall itself and the adjacent kitchen. There is reserved parking for carers etc. alongside the Church.

There is car parking inside the church grounds (entry from McKillop Street) for all Sunday services, and throughout weekends, and limited parking during the week. Parking is also available in nearby streets, but check local signs as in most instances time limits apply, including at weekends.


Funerals and Memorial Services

The death of a loved one is a time for both celebration and for sorrow. The funeral service provides a structure for giving thanks for the life and gifts of a loved one, for hearing again the certainty of God's love for us in this life and the next, for saying a last goodbye, and bringing some closure after the death of a loved one. The Vicar and clergy are always happy to discuss the funeral and memorial service that you want for your loved one.

The Christ Church Parish Hall and Schoolroom incorporate a fully equipped kitchen and a large space is available for refreshments after the service. The catering group in the Parish are pleased to provide food, tea and coffee and to advise on suitable local caterers.

Information or enquiries can be made with the Vicar ... see Contact Us in the menu.

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