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This page includes sermons/addresses presented during at Christ Church from January 2021 onwards. The addresses are primarily in video format - though some are in audio format only - just click on any you would like to watch or hear again. Unless otherwise indicated, Fr Russell was the presenter of the sermons linked below.

You can also listen to sermons from 2020 (and a few from earlier special celebrations) here.


3rd January 2021 - Epiphany - seek and ye shall find - or listen to the audio only (14:18)

31st January 2021 - the Presentation of Christ in the temple - Agape - the one body, the one spirit, the one life... recognising the presence of God - or listen to the audio only (13:25)


7th February 2021 - 5th Sunday after Epiphany - Lessons from Isaiah - have you not known? have you not heard? - or listen to the audio only (11:40)

17th February 2021 - Ash Wednesday - leave the past behind, in ashes.... celebrate the resurrection - or listen to the audio only (11:40)

28th February 2021 - Lent 2 - Fr John - the Way of the Lord is the Way of the Cross - and it is our Way too - or listen to the audio only (8:09)



7th March 2021 - Lent 3 - Drawing nearer to God as the Centre of Salvation - or listen to the audio only (13:02)

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