... worshipping at Christ Church after Covid 19...  


As restrictions made necessary by the Covid 19 pandemic have been eased, regular Sunday and weekday worship services have resumed (from Sunday 22nd November 2020), but there ARE changes in the way services are organised and conducted, compared with our pre-Covid 19 ways of doing things. Further restrictions may be announced by Government or the Diocese from time to time - and will be summarised on this page as soon as possible after any changes occur - but please also check the "What's on now?" section of the main menu for any additional Covid restrictions on worship and church activities.

We are required to follow Government and Diocesan requirements - so that we and the wider community continue to stay safe!


...what are the changes?

ThereWILL be changes in the way our worship is conducted, to meet the Government and Diocesan health requirements, so that we and our whole community stay as safe and well as possible. Some of the changes may be further relaxed with time, but as at 1st February 2021 please be aware of the following -

as at 21st March 2021 Masks are AOPTIONAL AT CHURCH SERVICES AND MEETINGS, but of course can be worn at any time if you prefer to do so. Masks should be worn at any time when safe distancing is difficult. Even with masks, social distancing IS required.

anyone who has recently visited or been in any of the various locations identfied as HOT SPOTS by DHHS - the specific details of which are announced by Government from time to time and are listed on this site https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/case-locations-and-outbreaks-covid-19#case-alerts--public-exposure-sitess - is asked to not attend services but to isolate until cleared by medical testing - this is for the safety of all.

Hand sanitisers will be available at the church door and MUST be used by all those attending, on arrival and on leaving the church;

social distancing MUST be maintained before, during and after ALL services, including during the actual Eucharist itself; the Greeting of the Peace should not include any physical contact with others at the church - an acknowledgement with clasped hands, a wave or a slight bow is sufficient (and safer!);

services will NOT BE SUNG unless Government health directives permit this. The organ will be played by Winton, and the Christ Church Choir has resumed for the main Sunday services, but singing of hymns, psalms and responses will only occur if safe and permitted;

numbers attending services will be carefully monitored - the total attending (not counting those conducting the service ie. the Vicar, Sacristan, Servers, Organist etc) must not exceed the allowable limit of parishioners;

a written record of those attending, including contact details if necessary, will be made;

there will only be refreshments after the services if Government directives permit and social distancing can be maintained.


That might seem a long list of restrictions - but ALL are necessary and required if we are to stay safe and if our worship in church is to continue.... and, let's be honest, it is worshipping together that is the important part, and a few restrictions are not too great an imposition on us.

... and as Diocesan and Government directions change, and as some of the restrictions listed above can be lessened or removed, then ourVicar and the Parish Council will announce further changes.


....and .... we will continue to worship together as a faith community!

Updated 21st March 2021