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Blueball our Vicars since 1845

Blueball Rev Ebenezer Collins (1845-1852) * The First Vicar at Christ Church was Revd. Ebenezer Collins, previously Curate at Dunkeswell Abbey in Devonshire. He had entered the C.M.S. Training Institute at Islington, England in 1825, and served as a missionary in Jamaica and Sierra Leone, before returning to England and then embarking for Australia. He administered the Sacrament for the first time in Geelong on 14th March 1846, and later on 3rd May conducted his first burial, and then on 4th May conducted his first wedding. He returned to England in December 1852. (Source - Bp James Grant " Christ Church Geelong 1843-1983 - a Brief History" p.11).

After Revd. Collins the Vicars were -

Blueball T.C.B. Stretch MA (1853-1854)

Blueball George Goodman MA (1855-1906)

Blueball Clifford Harris Nash MA (1906-1907)

Blueball Frederick William Robert Newton (1908-1914)

Blueball H.S. Hollow MA (1914-1918)


Blueball Charles Kingsley Cole MA (1918-1922)

Blueball E. Schweiger ThL (1922-1932

Blueball D enis Murrell Deasey BA (1932-1942)


Blueball Reginald Douglas Peatt MA, BD (1942-1946)



Blueball William Clinch ThL (1946-1956)

Blueball Arthur John Wagstaff ThL (1956-1960)

Blueball James Newton Bagnall ThL (1960-1964)

Blueball Herb Edmund Fawell ThL (1964-1977)


Blueball (Henry) Hugh Girvan ThL (1977-1983)


Blueball (Martin) Barry Smith OAM ThL (1983-1992)



Blueball Andrew. Oddy LLB BD (1993-2005)



Blueball John St.Q Howells BA, Dip Ed,ThL.

undertook two extended terms as Locum Vicar, for about a year on each occasion, between 2005-06 (before the appointment of Fr Derek Jones) and again between 2010-2011 (prior to the appointment of Fr Russell Trickey)

Blueball Derek Melvin Jones ThDip (2006- 2010)




Blueball Russell Trickey ThL (2011 - 2021)


Blueball (Martin) Barry Smith OAM ThL (2022-23 )

although retired, former vicar Fr Barry Smith undertook an extended term as Locum Vicar from early 2022 until July 2023, prior to the appointment of Fr Lankiri Thaba as Vicar


Blueball Lankiri Ezekiel Thaba (2023- )



Blueball our Organists since 1847

Blueball William Clarke (1847) Blueball J.P.Smith (1850) Blueball Thomas Wilson (1851) Blueball William Collins (1855)

Blueball H. Plumstead (1856)

Blueball Joseph Hobday (1861) Blueball C. Dumergue (1870)

Blueball Ms Fanny Goodman (1872)

The elder of the daughters of incumbent Canon George Goodman, Fanny was organist from 1872 until her intimely death aged 38 years, in 1895.

Blueball Ms Ada Goodman (1895)

The younger of the Goodman daughters, Ada became Organist in 1895 and continued until 1920.

Blueball S.H. Pitman (1920)
Blueball G. Galbraith (1934) Blueball F. Guerin (1940) Blueball W. Short (1942)

Blueball J. Thomas (1948)


and more recently ....

Blueball Mr Arthur Firth (1957-1992)

Arthur Firth c.1962

Blueball Mr Garry Cowling (1993-2012)


Blueball Mr Winton Barry (2013 to present)

* there are more details about Winton and the present day choir, and music at Christ Church, here......


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