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Our Locum Vicar, Fr Graeme Perkins (assisted by Frs John, Barry and Andrew) can be contacted via the Parish Office (or the Contact Details on this web page). You can find more about Graeme here. Thank you Fr Graeme for leading us during this important time!

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Blueball the Recording taken from the Eucharist for Sunday 15th May, the Fifth Sunday of Easter. The Theme this week is 'a New Commandment', and the recording this week includes much of the Eucharist service, including the Welcome, the Readings, the Psalm and the Gospel, Fr Graeme's Sermon, the Intercessions led byFr John, and the Blessing which concludes the service. Join in worship at home - or re-visit the service if you'd like to!

During the coming week we celebrate the festivals of Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury. You can find out more about Dunstan and why this life is celebrated here.

Blueball there are a series of Liturgies beginning from Easter and through to Pentecost (Sunday 5th June) - you can follow these weekly Liturgies here.

Blueball recorded sermons and services from other earlier weeks - can be watched if you click here . The Gospel and Sermon (or on special occasions, the full service) is recorded in most weeks, and available on-line within a few days after each Sunday.

Blueballfrom this page you can also read this week's Parish Press, the most recent Chronicle, and the most recent Melbourne Anglican Magazine.

Blueball ...and don't forget to mark your diaries - Saturday 4th June will be this year's Winter Woolies and other wonders Market!! Start telling family and friends - it's only a few weeks away and it will be great!

The Church is usually open for private time or prayer every weekday from 12noon until 2pm.

Christ Church is on the corner of Moorabool and McKillop Streets in Geelong - follow the links on the home page to find out more about the Parish.



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