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We continue in the season after Pentecost. Our Ministry Team is led by Fr Barry Smith who has taken up the role of Acting Vicar (Locum), and will continue with us in this role until the end of the year. Thank you Fr Barry for leading us in ministry and worship during this important time!!!

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Blueball the Recording taken from the 8am Eucharist for Sunday 7th August, the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost. This recording (39:08) includes Fr Barry's Sermon for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Luke 12:34) - re-visit the service if you'd like to share in it again!

After 7th August there will be no recording of services at Christ Church for several weeks - but you can always re-visit earlier services and recordings if you'd like to watch or hear them again - just click here. Weekly service recordings are expected to resume from Sunday 11th September (the Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost).

In the coming weeks there are several Saints and Holy Days in our calendar. We celebrate the life of Mary, Mother of our Lord on Monday 15th August, and on Wednesday 24th August remember Bartholomew, Apostle and Martyr. During September we celebrate the sacrifices of the Martyrs of New Guinea (Friday 2nd September), the life of Matthew, Apostle, Evangelist and Martyr (on Wednesday 21st September), and on Thursday 29th September we remember Michael and All Angels. You can find out more about these and other Saints and Holy Days here.

Blueball an update regarding our Covid response - the current Government health advice is that mask wearing is NOT mandatory; nevertheless the Diocesan advice is that parishioners are strongly advised to wear masks for ALL indoor services and other church activities, and on any other occasions when social distancing cannot be easily maintained. Parish Council has discussed and supports this approach to mask wearing across Christ Church services and other activities..

Blueball recorded sermons and services from other and earlier weeks - can be watched if you click here . A service is recorded on most Sundays at Christ Church (or, occasionally, the recording is only of the Readings and the Sermon), and is usually available on-line from this Parish web page within a few days after each Sunday.

Blueball from this page you can also read this week's Parish Press, the most recent Chronicle (published by the Parish each quarter), and the most recent Melbourne Anglican Magazine (published every month by the Diocese).

The Church is usually open for private time or prayer every weekday from 12noon until 2pm. Please note the NEW phone number if you need to contact the Parish - the number is 03 5200 9006.

Christ Church is on the corner of Moorabool and McKillop Streets in Geelong - follow the links on the home page to find out more about the Parish.



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