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... a warm welcome to the Anglican Parish of Christ Church in Geelong, from our Vicar Fr Lankiri Thaba and the Ministry team and congregation -

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Blueball the recording of the Eucharist for Trinity Sunday (26th May) - a recording (22:31) of parts of the 8am Eucharist, including the Readings, the Psalm and the Gospel, the Blessing and Fr Lankiri's Reflections on today's Gospel (John 3:1-17)- Reflections on Trinity Sunday - Who is our God? ... Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Next Sunday 2nd June is the Celebration of Corpus Christi.

Blueball Over the month of June there are some important dates and celebrations, including -

Sunday 2nd June - the Feast of Corpus Christi

Tuesday 11th June - Barnabus, Apostle and Martyr
Monday 24th June - the Birth of John the Baptist
Saturday 29th June - Peter and Paul, Apostles and Martyrs

Blueball For the weekend of 25-26 May 2024 in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we are especially praying forAll Souls' in Sandringham (Jeremy Watson, Samantha White); for the Diocese of Sydney (Abp Kanishka Raffel, Regional Bps Chris Edwards, Michael Stead, Peter Hayward, Peter Lin, Malcolm Richards, Gary Koo, Clergy & People); for The Anglican Boys' Society - CEBS (Bruce Anderson, Secretary); for All Saints' Carlotta Tye Memorial at Selby (Stephen Morris); for the Diocese of Tasmania (Bp Richard Condie, Missioner Bp Chris Jones, Clergy & People); for the Church of the Province of Central Africa (Abp Albert Chama); for the Centenary of Holy Trinity at Upwey (Bp Paul Barker); and for Pastoral Services at St Mark’s Camberwell (Bp Genieve Blackwell) and Holy Trinity Lara (Bp Brad Billings). You can see the full Cycle of Prayer for the coming weeks here.

Blueball ... and the 2024 Winter Woolies Market is next wekend!!! - Saturday 1st June from 9.30am until 1pm - you can find out more here but tell all your neighbours and friends! Don't miss the fantastic Woollies Market!!

Blueball ... and some things to read from this page include the weekly Parish Notices and Announcements (found in the Service Booklet each week, and usually mentioned towards the end of each church service), the most recent Chronicle (published quarterly by the Parish in March, June, September and December each year), and the most recent Melbourne Anglican Magazine (published monthly by the Diocese in on-line or printed version).

Christ Church is on the corner of Moorabool and McKillop Streets in Geelong, and is usually open for private time, prayer or just to visit every weekday from 12noon until 2pm. You can find out more about the Parish from the links on the home page.

updated 26th May 2024
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