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In the Parish Press for the Second Sunday of Easter on 11th April 2021 Fr Russell writes -

" ... ... if we walk in the light of Christ who lives in the light of the Father, we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Christ cleanses us... Light may refer to wisdom or it may refer to love, but the wisdom and love referred to are not wordly; we are talking about about the wisdom and love of God. Living in God's light is to be connected to the deepest recess of our heart and being, to be in a deep conversation with God in the ordinary course of our lives.... we have to learn to live in the Lord and perceive the Lord as inner peace, joy and in tuitive wisdom...

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Holy Week and Easter have passed for another year - but you can re-visit the services from across the Week, and listen to the Readings, Sermons and Singing , by clicking here - or go to Photos and Celebrations from the main menu.

Blueball read this week's Parish Press, or the current Chronicle, or the latest Melbourne Anglican Magazine;

Blueball share in either a Morning Prayer Service or a Eucharist service;

Blueball watch or listen to a recent service or sermon (as in most weeks sermons are recorded) or to hymns and organ works presented during services this year and during 2020.

Blueball Children's and Families Services (CAFS) have resumed again, and will be held on the 4th Sunday each month, from 10am - the next date being Sunday April 25th - stories, craft, activities and more for all the younger members of the congregation (and their Mums and Dads!)

Blueball the Book Discussion Group has also resumed, after about a year due to the lockdown, and is re-visiting the book "How to read the Bible and still be a Christian" by John Dominic Cross. The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month from 2-3.30pm - for more information speak to Jenny Dunn after the 10am Sunday service.

Parish activities - including such activities as the Parish Social Club, the Discussion Groups, and the monthly Parish Film Nites - are re-commencing as soon as permitted and safe - watch this page and the weekly Parish Press for announcements about these Parish groups! The Church Choir sings at the 10am Sunday Eucharist, and is practicing on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm - new & returning members are always very welcome... see Choir Director Winton Barry if this might interest you! ... and the church continues to be open for private prayer every weekday from 12noon until 2pm, but social distancing and other health requirements must be met.

The Christ Church Community Meals Program (CCCMP) is offering only take-away meals at both breakfast and evening meal times, until after the restrictions imposed by the Corona Virus have been lifted further.

Masks must be carried with you but are now optional at services or church meetings - but use of sanitiser, recording of attendance and social distancing is still required, as in the past. Masks can be worn if you prefer this .... so, if in any doubt, wear your mask if you wish!

Please be aware of the current health requirements which will be part of every service and church meeting, whilst Covid restrictions are in place.

updated 11th April 2021
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